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【Assorted Meat & Seafood 120 mins Eat All-you-can-drink】 Big Ebisu Salt-grilled Coral Fish in Meat! VIP Plan

【Assorted Meat & Seafood 120 mins Eat All-you-can-drink】 Big Ebisu Salt-grilled Coral Fish in Meat! VIP Plan

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(Tax excluded)

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  • All-you-can-drink available
    We have prepared all-you-can-drink items, where you can order anything you like.Separately, we will charge 300 yen (tax excluded) for the payment.It is profitable after 21 o'clock!

Special VIP course with domestic pork loin steak, wagyu beef ribs steak, salted roasted prawns salad and fishy lady steak, etc. Also included are special VIP courses with luxurious platter! Other besides such as Monjyaki, okonomiyaki, baked udon, salad bar, dessert bar, All you can eat Biking & All you can drink.Everyone please enjoy waiwai surrounding steel plate.◎ ♪ for drinking party such as community girls and girls' associations, company banquets such as year-end party etc.



- Okonomiyaki

· Monjayaki

·salad bar

· One dish cooking bar

· Dessert bar

【Special cuisine】

- Luxurious platter of meat and seafood

It is not all you can eat ※

※ The content may be changed depending on the purchase situation of the day.Please be careful about leaving behind.

★ + 500 yen with surprise plate with surprise or surprises Okonomiyaki can be prepared! For the production of wonderful time such as welcome reception and birthday.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Wheat and hops / premium alcohol free
· Scotch High Ball / Scotch Cola / Scotch Ginger
· Glass wine (red · white) / decanter wine (red · white)
· Oolong high / green tea high / strong taste green tea high / jasmine high / punch lemon sour / punch man plum sour / man plum sour / plum wine sour / lime sour / giant peak sour / anzu sour / green apple sour / muscat sour / kiwi sour / Calpis Sour / Pine Sour / Plum Sour / Big Finger Calpis Sour / Green Apple Calpis Sour
· Special Cocktail
· Fantasista (Adult Faita) / Blue Sonic (Excellent Sharpness! Lime Taste) / Bulgaria (Cassis Base with Yogurt Flavor) / Prada (Red Devil.It is drinking intensification.) / Byai Lease (Nostalgic Orange Juice style) / Sabotucino (Star Ox!) / Marionette (South-country style tropical cocktail!) / Peko-chan
· Cassis base → (cassis orange / cassis soda / cassis pine etc.) Peach base → (Peach oolong / fuzzy group / peach ginger etc.) Litchi base → (lychee orange / lycheesa / lychee grapefruit etc.) Malibu base → (Malibu coke / Malibu Pine / Malibu Milk etc.)
· Mango Base → (Mango Orange / Mango Lassie etc) Kalua Base → (Kalua Milk) Gin Base → (Gin Tonic / Jim Buck etc.) Vodka Base → (Moscow Correr / Screw Driver / Bloody Mary etc.) Via Base → (Red Eye / Shandigafu etc.)
·plum wine
· Plum wine made in Shirakaga / red plum wine / black plum wine
·Soft drink
· As there is a drink bar available at the counter, please use it by self service.Thanks for your cooperation.
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 22
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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